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Name: Kathy F. Johnson

When Gene was very young, I had just went to the grocery store and  got home to get the groceries out of the car.  Gene, as young as he was, said " I'll be glad to carry them in for you."   After eating a meal, Gene would always take his plate to the sink and ask do you want me to wash dishes?   Gene was so kind, generous, thoughtful, considerate, and  would always help.  I will love him forever, He is my angel looking over me.  I want my brother Gene to know that Gene was loved by all and Gene is watching over  you Gene.  Gene will always be you  my dear brother.

Name: Chris Hogue

Gene offered me my first wine cooler (I'm sure I was at least 21).  It was maybe my second or third drink ever and right away my tongue began to feel numb.  I had no idea what was going on but he informed me that this phenomenon was referred to as the "hair of the dog".  He also let me know, with no lack of enthusiasm, that I couldn't hold my liquor and I basically amounted to a big weenie.  We laughed about it a lot and he never let me forget about it.  Ahhh, good times!

Name: Matt Graham

I have so many great memories of Gene it's hard to know where to begin. So I guess I'll go back to the beginning. I met Gene in the 2nd grade at Grissom Elementary. We played on the Gorillas soccer team together for a couple of seasons until the team was so good the league broke us up.

I remember spending the night at Gene's house after Fun Night at Grissom one Fall. We stayed up late and decided to sneak downstairs. Gene's dad must have heard us coming down because he was waiting for us - he scared us so bad I think I made it back upstairs touching only one or two steps.

Between our two houses we had every kid's dream. I could get sugary snacks and cereals at his house (we didn't have that kind of stuff at our house) and Gene could play with every Star Wars toy imaginable at my house.

We parted ways after middle school though saw each other around Tulsa from time to time. Then we reconnected the first day of orientation at OU Law. It was like we never missed a beat. We lucked into the same section for our first year at law school and became roommates for years two and three.

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